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Transportation by Land

Our dedicated Global Inland team consists of more than 300 logistics experts, specialized by region and industry. In 6 regions around the globe, we offer a vast network of inland terminals and depots and the right equipment for your cargo - ready to get the job done for you. Our area experts know every road, every railway and every chance to move your cargo from sea ports inland and vice versa - safely and on time. We always find the right route, in the right time for you and your cargo.Your cargo needs extra care? We have intermodal logistic services developed for special requirements. Too heavy, too big? Goods have to keep fresh and save? Be assured - we find the solution to deliver Reefer, Dangerous Goods and Special Cargo to your doorstep.Our goal is to minimize your efforts in optimizing your transport chain and to maximize the efficiency and sustainability of global transports across land. Our responsibility goes beyond the sea.

InLand delivery services: 

- Dry Cargo container
- Reefer Cargo container
- Special Cargo container